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Arriba Weight Loss Challenges are 12 week courses designed to give anyone the knowledge and support they need to achieve safe, long term weight loss.

The Wellness Clubs provide more more than the traditional slimming clubs , which are sometimes known as 'pay-weigh-and-go' classes. Every attendee of the Weight Loss Challenge is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle.

The course is run as a competition, with all participants paying into a prize fund. At the end of the challenge, the three participants who have lost the most weight win cash prizes.

Even though each challenge is packed full of information, we keep them fun with weekly quizzes and mini-challenges.

At the end of the challenge the prize fund is split between the three participants who have lost the most weight. Based on 25 participants this would be as follows:

1st place: £300
2nd place: £200
3rd place: £100

The 12-week Community Weight Loss Challenge costs £39. But numbers are limited - so to reserve a place, or find out more, call us.

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