Fit Club Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge!

Fit Club is the next massive fitness trend in the UK.  Fit Club is a chance to take your health to a new level, regardless of whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain, athletic performance, energy, toning or any combination of those.  Fit Clubs offer programs that are suitable for all people and utilize all aspects of healthy lifestyle changes to deliver results.


Fit Club in conjunction with Herbalife Active are launching the Level 10 Body Challenge! What are your goals? Weight loss? Body Fat Reduction? Muscle Gain? You will receive a full body composition and diet analysis and some useful nutrition and fitness advice. The challenge runs for 90 days and it costs only £10 to enter! This money will go towards a prize fund to award winners in each of these categories! Local winners will be entered into regional and national finals where 000s worth of cash prizes will be won! You can start any time during May.

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