Cambridge Community Weight Loss Challenge

The 12 week program that we offer is based on sound scientific principles of good nutrition, balance and a healthy lifestyle, no fad diets or excluding food groups. Back to basics you might say. Topics include......understanding protein and carbohydrates, reading labels, boosting metabolism, healthy breakfast, eating out, exercise, why drink water and much more!

We find that the busy lifestyles of many of our clients are the major contributing factor in their weight gain and lack of energy, due to lack of time to prepare and enjoy healthy meal choices they frequently need our nutrition products to support them.

Currently there is nothing like this in the market place that offers weight loss through education about the basic principle of good nutrition. Step by step changes to daily habits, to ensure life long success, weight control and good health for our clients.

Unlike traditional 'Slimming Clubs' they provide much more than a 'pay-weigh-and go' weight loss class. Receive a weekly comprehensive Body Composition Analysis(body fat%, visceral fat, hydration levels, metabolic age, physique rating, muscle etc) to keep you on track. Its a great way to review your progtess and more reliable than measuring soley your weight which is affected by lean muscle gain.

During the challenge you can lose weight in anywhere you choose, so if you're already have a plan that you know works for you then you can use that. Or if you need help and ideas of more effective ways to lose weight you'll have your own Herbalife Wellness Coach to help you find the right plan for you.

For the Weight Loss Challenge covering the Cambridge area (Bar Hill, Sawston, Royston, Great Shelford) contact us on 01223 911225.