Wellness Club in Whitstable

Every attendee of the wellness club is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle

The analysis includes a calaculation of body fat%, visceral fat, metabolic age and basal metabolic rate. And taking these measurements on a regular basis will allow you to track your progress much better than stepping on some weight scales only as you tend to find at your average slimming club.

Your BMR refers to the number of  calories your body uses each day, at rest, just to keep all your vital organs functioning."The metabolic rate is directly related to your body composition. Every pound of body fat you have burns only about 2 calories a day. But the rest of you - your lean body mass - burns about 14 calories per pound each day. A big portion of your lean body mass is made up of muscle, so one of the best things you can do to boost your metabolic rate is to build up muscle through strength training. And, make sure to take in adequate protein from the diet, which helps to build and maintain lean muscle, too.

Each week under the guidance of a Personal Wellness Coach a group of like minded people meet to keep themselves focused on making better diet and lifestyle choices. By creating a fun, informative, and friendly atmosphere we aim to steer as many people as possible towards achieving optimum health.

Wellness Club Location

Horsebridge Community Centre- 11 Horsebridge Rd, Whitstable, CT5 1AF

Thursdays,7.30 - 8.30pm in Workshop 4

Contact Ann Marie on 01227 274866 and 07796 876047 for details.  .