Health and Wellness Club Newark

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Do You Lack Energy?
Are You Overweight?
Does Life Stress You Out?
Want to Enhance Your Sporting Performance?

Come and join one of our Health and Wellness Groups soon to launch in Newark and other towns in The East Midlands and Get Fit For Life.

People can register to enter The Biggest Loser competition (there is a fee to enter)  which pays out cash prizes to the top three people in the group who have lost the most body fat%.

If you are fed up of feeling tired and exhausted, come and join the club and learn how nutritional changes can lead to more Vitality and Get Up and Go.

Already actively doing sport or going to the gym - join the club to find out how to improve your performance.

Invisible Communications Ltd about to launch a new service: Health and Wellness Clubs 

Anyone can attend and the weekly attendance fee of £3.00 week.

Do you work in a large company?

The clubs can be set up to run in an office. If you are an employer organising one demonstrates you really do care about employee health and fitness. It can even be integrated into your employee assistance programme. The only thing you need to provide is a suitable meeting room and leave the rest to us.

Health and Wellness clubs will also be held so that individuals can attend in their own time and these will, over the next few months, be running in various locations throughout The East Midlands

The aim of the Health and Wellness Clubs is to help people lose weight, learn more about nutrition, the kinds of things you need to do have more energy, feel less stressed and generally improve your overall levels of health and fitness so that you can have a Life worth Loving.

Get Fit For Life .....

More details on the wellness clubs

We'd love to hear from you so why not contact us today for more information and get added to our priority mailing list. That way you'll be the first to know starting dates and venue locations. Call us on 01636 688 299 and  07774 605 718

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