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The New Protein Drink Mix can help you meet your protein intake. Proteins are fundamental structural and functional elements within every cell in the body and they're involved in a wide range a metabolic interactions.

Herbalife recommends that active individuals have an intake up about one to two grams of protein  per kilogram of body weight. so a male weighing 70 kilograms will be between 70 to 140 grams of protein. Whearas a female weighing 45 kilograms will need between 45 to 90 grams of protein. Contact your Herbalife Coach for a personalised programme.

Protein drink mix, now available in the UK is a great way to help you reach this daily intake it can be used in two ways either as a high protein snack drink or add it to your favourite Formula 1 yshake to give you a nice thick rich and creamy shake. Tastes great and mixes with water, saving a trip to the shops for milk!

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NADH is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. It is also known as coenzyme number 1, i.e. the most important coenzyme. Every cell of the human body contains a certain amount of N.A.D.H. As a natural energy transfer molecule, it is of crucial importance for the transformation of food-based energy into cell exploitable energy. NADH is now available as a food additive that supports the body's own energy metabolism on the basis of the transfer of biological energy.

N.A.D.H. is involved in more than 1,000 metabolic processes. The hydride, a special variety of hydrogen with spare electrons, is its actual energy transmitter. Without a sufficient quantity of N.A.D.H. in the body, the cell suffers from an energy deficit.

To store and spend energy, every cell disposes of adenosine tri-phosphate or ATP for short. ATP is a chemically stored energy. NADH promotes the production of greater amounts of ATP. The larger the amount of ATP available to a cell, the better it is to be able to perform.