Weight Loss Challenge in Manchester and Salford

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The 12-week 'Community Weight Loss Challenge' is being held in Manchester and Salford, and is designed to give every participant the knowledge and support they need to achieve safe and long term weight loss.

Unlike traditional slimming clubs, they provide more than the average 'pay-weigh-and-go' class, according to organiser Liza

The weekly sessions will include educational talks on key nutrition topics as well as a personal 'wellness coach', who will conduct a 'wellness evaluation' for each individual to provide hints and tip, help and support.

A body composition analysis will also identify individuals' percentage body fat, how much muscle mass they have, how hydrated they are and what their metabolic age is.

The biggest 'loser' could also win a prize of up to £300! *

karen, 43, said: "I was shocked last year to discover my metabolic age was 62-years-old, and with high blood pressure I decided it was time to do something about the extra weight I was carrying.

"I've now lost three stone, 18 inches off my measurements, my blood pressure is normal and my metabolic age has come right down to 29.

During the challenge you can lose weight in anywhere you choose, so if you're already have a plan that you know works for you then you can use that. Or if you need help and ideas of more effective ways to lose weight you'll have your own personal coach to help you find the right plan for you.

The 12-week Arriba Community Weight Loss Challenge held at a Wellness Club costs £35. But numbers are limited - so to reserve a place, or find out more, call Liza on 0161 707 0114

Weight Loss Challenge covering Manchester, Salford, Eccles, Swinton, Trafford, Stretford, Irlam, Pendlebury.Organised by Herbalife Independent Distributor.

*At the end of the 12 weeks, the biggest losers will win £300` with 2nd prizes of £200 and third prizes of £100 for the greatest body fat loss. Prize money is based on a minimum of 30 participants and will be awarded pro-rata if there are fewer challengers.

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